Histochemical characteristics of aldosteromas and adrenal tissue of patients with primary hyperaldosteronism

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The authors analyze the data of histochemical examinations of 30 patients with tumorous and nontu- morous forms of low-renin hyperaldosteronism, as well as the findings of clinical and hormonal examinations of these patients. The activities of enzymes involved in steroidogenesis (3-pOSD, NAD and NADP tetrazoleum reductases, G-6-PD) were measured, as were levels and distribution patterns of lipids involved in steroidogenesis (free and bound cholesterol, etc.). A high functional activity of aldosteromas of any structure was proved, and a trend to increase of steroidogenic activity of malignant aldosteromas demonstrated. Atrophic changes in the cortex adjacent to aldosteroma were found to involve no reduction of adrenal tissue functional activity. In contrast to this, hyperplastic changes in the cortex adjacent to adenoma were characterized by a lower level of functional activity as against adrenal tissue activity in nontumorous hyperaldosteronism. The authors come to a conclusion that adrenocortical elements hyperplasia associated with some aldosteromas does not participate in aldosterone hyperproduction whereas hyperaldosteronism in nontumorous variants is caused by cortical cell hyperplasia and hormone hyperproduction.

M E Bronstein

Endocrinology Research Centre; Cardiology Research Centre

Author for correspondence.
Email: probl@endojournals.ru

Russian Federation

N M Chikhladze

Endocrinology Research Centre; Cardiology Research Centre

Email: probl@endojournals.ru

Russian Federation

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