Differential and diagnostic, predictive and therapeutic value of test with clomifene in men with a Hypogonadizm

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In the real research test with an antiestrogen clomifene is offered for differential diagnostics of potential reversibility of a hypogonadism.

Material and methods.

After initial determination of levels of testosterone and LH, to 55 men with a hypogonadism clomifene citrate of 50 mg orally daily in the morning for 10 days was administrated. Levels of testosterone and LH repeatedly were defined on the 11th day.


The carried-out test with clomifene eliminated a hypogonadism at 85,5% of patients, thus the effect remained at 40%. The test was safe, at one of men of side effects it wasn’t noted. For patients with negative result of test (preservation of a hypogonadism) administration of preparations of testosterone was recommended. 


Test allows not only to differentiate reversibility of a hypogonadism, but also in some cases completely to eliminate it.

Roman Viktorovich Rozhivanov

Endocrinology Research Centre

Author for correspondence.
Email: rrozhivanov@mail.ru

Russian Federation MD, PhD, Senior research associate department of Andrology and Urology 

Dmitriy Gennad'evich Kurbatov

Endocrinology Research Centre

Email: kurbatov.d@mail.ru

Russian Federation MD, PhD, Professor, Head of department of Andrology and Urology 

Nataliya Sergeevna Kravtsova

Endocrinology Research Centre

Email: drnot@mail.ru

Russian Federation

PhD student department of Andrology and Urology

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