Stimulation of a spermatogenesis at men gonadotrophins and an antiestrogen at a pathospermia and infertility

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Aim — to investigate the methods of treatment, directed on increase in quantity of spermatozoa in an ejaculate.

Material and methods. In investigation was used: chorionic gonadotrophin, anti-estrogen, recombinant preparations FSH, and also their combinations.

Results. The worst efficiency (10%) was noted when using monotherapy by preparation HCG. Efficiency of monotherapy by a preparation of clomiphene was higher and made 20% concerning conception, and 63% concerning an oligoteratozoospermiya. Efficiency of the combined therapy of HCG in combination with recombinant FSH was 40% concerning conception, and 87% concerning an oligoteratozoospermiya.

Conclusion. At the same time the studied types of the stimulating therapy are effective, safe and don’t lead to development of side effects.

About the authors

Nataliya S. Kravtsova

Endocrinology Research Centre


Russian Federation MD, PhD-student

Roman V. Rozhivanov

Endocrinology Research Centre

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation MD, PhD

Dmitriy G. Kurbatov

Endocrinology Research Centre


Russian Federation MD, PhD, Head of the Urology department, Clinical Endocrinology Institute


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