Proceedings of the Congress

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Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Prevalence of thyroid cancer Abstract
Yaitsev S.V., Privalov V.A.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Genetic aspects of thyroid cancer Abstract
Garkavtseva R.F., Kazubskaya T.P., Lisnyansky I.Y., Lyubchenko L.N., Shabanov M.A., Brzhezovsky V.Z., Trofimov Y.I., Kalinin V.N., Amosenko F.A.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Observations of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer: modern aspects Abstract
Garbuzov P.I.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Locus of control in diabetics. Objective evaluation of subjective attitude to treatment Abstract
Antsiferov M.B., Drobizhev M.Y., Surkova Y.V., Zakharchuk T.A., Melnikova O.G., Shchebletsov V.V.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Coagulation signs of endothelial stress in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus concomitant with arterial hypertension Abstract
Amineva N.V., Saltseva M.T., Zanozina O.V., Batyukova O.G., Borovkov N.N.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Evaluation of bone tissue status in patients with diabetic foot Abstract
Tokmakova A.Y., Yushkov P.V., Ulyanova I.N., Chernova T.O., Antsiferov M.B.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Endocrine disrupters and reproductive health Abstract
Goncharov N.P.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Differential diagnosis and choice of passport sex in patients with false male hermaphroditism Abstract
Kasatkina E.P.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Psychosexual rehabilitation of patients with false male hermaphroditism Abstract
Kononova Y.V., Lozovaya Y.V., Kasatkina E.P.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) The IVth All-Russian Congress of Endocrinologists Abstract
Melnichenko G.A., Balabolkin M.I., Peterkova V.A., Fadeev V.V., Vanushko V.E., Rozhinskaya L.Y., Arapova S.D., Morgunova T.B., Yudenich O.N.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Functional bivalence of estrogens and estrogen effect switching over: role in the development of age-associated diseases Abstract
Bershtein L.M., Tsyrlina Y.V., Poroshina T.Y., Gamayunova V.B., Vasilyev D.A., Kovalenko I.G., Bychkova N.V.
Vol 48, No 4 (2002) Identification of genetic markers coupled with type 1 diabetes mellitus Abstract
Nosikov V.V., Seregin Y.A., Titovich Y.V., Savostyanov K.V., Zilberman L.I., Chistyakov D.A., Kuraeva T.L., Dedov I.I.
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