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Vol 20, No 6 (1974)

Protein and mineral metabolism in regenerating bone tissue after calcitonin administration (Russian)
Prokhonchukov A.A., Khomullo G.V., Briskin A.I.
A study was made of the effect of the thyroid gland hormone calcitonin on glycine 2 C14 and Ca45 uptake by bone structures following a unilateral limited injury of the femur in rats. The findings were correlated with the results of histomorphologic analysis. The greatest concentration of the labeled amino acid was always found in the zone of the defect. Calcitonin significantly intensified glycine 2 C14 incorporation into the area of the bone regenerate and the adjacent areas 20 days after the trauma. Morphologically at that period there was a well developed spongy bone, whereas in control animals the site of healing was filled mainly with chondroid and cartilaginous tissue. The level of Ca45 accumulation by the regenerating structures at 10 and 20 days after the trauma structures was considerably greater in rats given calcitonin than in the animals of the control group. At late periods of investigations (on the 30th day) there occurred a reduction of glycine 2 C14 and Ca45 incorporation, with a parallel activation of secondary resorption of excessive bone callus and the development of bone marrow hemopoiesis. The investigations pointed to a stimulating effect of calcitonin on reparative osteogenesis.
Problems of Endocrinology. 1974;20(6):80-85
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